Best Dog Toys For Your Playful Pet

There have never been as many accessories available for dogs as there are today. My dogs love playing most with their interactive food toys. Put aside an extra $210 for toy breeds and up to $260 for a large dog, and definitely consider pet health insurance. Benefits include being easy on the mouth, made from natural rubber, durable and flexible, and safe for your dog.

This makes it sounds like it could be chewed apart, but none of our test dogs were able to do so. These toys require the dog to figuring out a puzzle in order for the toy to dispense a treat or do something else such as shoot a ball etc. Although best known for their standard tennis ball size thrower, there is also a version that is made with smaller pooches in mind.

Dogs can easily get bored if their owners are not around to play with them, Dogs and that is exactly why the tennis ball throwing machines were invented. As with any Kong product, the Kong Rubber Ball Extreme is an incredible purchase for any dog owner looking to spice up their dog's lives.

A rubber ball, especially one designed for powerful chewers, makes an excellent tennis ball substitute, without some of the risks. But since there are several dog ball launchers on the market, you probably don't know which one to buy. You might also want to avoid any toy that has metals such as balls with metal bells inside.

The choice of the best dog tennis ball launcher will primarily depend upon the size of your dog and the space that you have in your house. However, be cautious when using it on larger dogs as they can swallow the balls accidentally and choke. Your dog can keep on playing with the toy in your absence.

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